Mrs. Ritenour's Jack-O-Lantern Glyph

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1. My age is an (even / odd ) number.

2. On Halloween, I ..

A. Trick-or-treat

B. Go to a party.

C. Stay at home

3. My costume will be...

A. Scary

B. Funny

C. A character from a book or movie

D. I don't wear a costume

4. I ____________ Halloween.

A. Like

B. Love

C. Don't like

5. My costume (will / will not ) have a mask.

6. My favorite Halloween treat is...

A. Chocolate

B. Lollipops

C. Bubblegum

Use your answers to make a Jack-o-lantern!

1. Pumpkin: (Orange)

even number= tall thin pumpkin

odd number = short, fat pumpkin

2. Eyes: (Yellow)

go trick-or-treating= triangular eyes

go to a party = circular eyes

stay at home = square eyes

3. Nose: (Yellow)

scary= trapezoid

funny= diamond

book or movie character= triangle

don't wear a costume= circle

4. Mouth: (Yellow)

like= smile

love= smile with wavy edges

don't like= frown

(You may cut teeth on your smile.)

5. Stem: (Brown)

mask= stem curves to the right

no mask= stem curves to the left

6. Leaves: (Green)

chocolate= one leaf

lollipop= 2 leaves

bubblegum= 3 leaves

©Angie Ritenour 1999-2005