Mrs. Ritenour's Snowflake Directions

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I've had so many emails asking for directions for this snowflake,!


Supplies Needed:

8 pieces of paper, glue, scissors


Step 1

Get 8 pieces of paper. Fold each piece as shown below. Cut off the bottom section.


Step 2

Turn your paper so that the fold line is on the bottom. (See picture below.)

Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it over to the bottom left hand corner.


Step 3

Turn your paper as shown in the photo below. Make 3 cuts that are parallel

with the raw edge side of your snowflake. (Look at the dotted lines below.

That is where you should make your cuts.) You will cut through the

solid fold side, but you should stop cutting before you get to the double fold side.


Step 4

Unfold your snowflake. It should look like the one in the picture below.


Step 5

Take the tips of the center pieces, roll them towards each other, place

one tip on top of the other, and glue them together. (See the picture below.)


Step 6

Flip your snowflake over!


Once you have flipped the snowflake over, take the tips closest

to the center and glue them together just like you did in step 5.


Step 7

Flip your snowflake over again and repeat the gluing process.


Step 8

Flip the snowflake over one more time and glue the last two tips together.

Your snowflake should look like the one in the picture below.

(You will need to complete steps 1-8 on all 8 pieces of paper before doing anything else.)


Step 9

Lay all 8 snowflake sections side by side.

 Make sure that the last tip you glued together, on each snowflake, is on the right hand side.

You are now ready to glue the sections together. You should glue each section together in two places.

(These are shown in the picture below.) As you glue the snowflake together, it will

start to form a circle. When done, it should look like the snowflake at the top of the page!

Good Luck!

(Special thanks goes to Mrs. Franklin for helping me remember how to make this snowflake!)


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